At Poulner, innovation in design is our hallmark, and we take immense pride in presenting a glimpse into our forthcoming endeavors.

Please enjoy a snapshot of our upcoming projects, where we seamlessly blend sophistication with performance. Stay poised for the unveiling of these extraordinary creations, as we invite you to savor our journey of distinction.

In our constant pursuit of excellence, Poulner have and will continue to engage highly-skilled artisan manufacturing partners. Our partners come from the worlds of Formula 1, historic and classic car restoration, and superyacht tender upholstery, as well as Innometal, specialists in oxidised paint finishing.

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Revival of a 1970s classic for the modern boating audience.


Versatile and stylish solutions for homes and boats alike.


A marriage of understated luxury and high-performance materials.

About us

Poulner Designs is the visionary brainchild of Robin Poulton, a luminary in the world of design with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. His is an extraordinary professional journey that includes prestigious stints at renowned entities such as Moonraker Yachts and Lotus. Robin is perhaps best known for his representation of Timeless and Glyn Peter Machin superyacht furniture, and as Sales Director for Monitor Marine International, home of the iconic ‘deck jewellery’ stainless steel hardware.

At Poulner Designs, we believe that every detail matters, and Robin’s exceptional eye for detail and unwavering commitment to perfection have birthed some of the most iconic and revered designs in the industry. Our creations resonate with a rare blend of innovation and timeless elegance, reflecting Robin’s profound expertise and unwavering passion for design.

With a legacy rooted in excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, Poulner Designs stands as a beacon of innovation in the design world. Join us in celebrating a legacy of design mastery that continues to shape the industry’s landscape, one impeccable creation at a time.