A collection of superb, innovative hand-finished aluminium furniture, designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom.



In 1997 we were invited by Malcolm Cole to represent his stunning range of oval tube-based stainless steel furniture, named Timeless.

This was debuted at the Monaco Superyacht Show in 2001, soon followed by an expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For a number of years we represented Timeless alongside our stainless steel hardware company Monitor Marine International.

We were successful in attracting Superyacht designers worldwide and also in the supply to high-end commercial and private properties. Malcolm retired in 2008 but the Timeless legend lives on, now considered a classic both in design and finish.

New ranges

In 2009 we joined forces with Glyn Peter Machin, a little-known furniture designer based in Denmark with previous experience at Summit in the USA, to represent a new furniture range. The base product was teak but many variations soon emerged; we engaged the market for his ever expanding product range via a showroom based in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, and presented at the Monaco Superyacht Show for 4 years.

By 2013 his brand was fully established in the world of Superyachts and their owners. We were fortunate to have enjoyed such an extensive foray into wonderful designs and appreciating what such clients’ expectations were.

Initial Concept Designs 2021/2022

2023 Specifications

A collection of superb innovative aluminium hand-finished furniture designed and manufactured within the United Kingdom.

Pimlico Deck Chair

Available in Perennials fabrics with padded sling with headrest and contrast leather piping.

Mayfair Deck Chair

Available in AA Crack superior leather with padded sling in classic smooth leather with diamond stitch with headrest or classic croc leather with contrast stitch with headrest.

Burlington Deck Chair

Specifications as per the Pimlico and Mayfair models.

Brompton Fixed Lounge Chair

With or without strap adjustable back, upholstery specifications as per above models. (image to follow)

Chelsea Directors Chair

Specifications as per above models. (image to follow)

Construction and Hard Finishes

Utilising high quality aluminium in a combination of round tubes between 1½” and 1” in size with all 316 hi-polished stainless steel fittings allowing for compact cost effective delivery procedures. The use of delrin neutral shade protection feet and either bamboo or carbon fibre decoration.


Unique metal shading with lacquer finish or Starlight metallic paint with lacquer finish, Chromatic pearl paint with lacquer finish. A combination of two finishes are available on each piece of furniture.

Starlight Metallic Colours with Lacquer Finish

Clouded Metal with Lacquer Finish / Polished and Gloss Clear Finish

Clouded Metal with Lacquer Finish / Satin Clear Finish

Clouded Metal with Lacquer Finish

Optional Extras

Cloth or leather stowage bags with reinforced corners. Owners boat or initials on headrests otherwise the designers P logo will be applied.